BlackPool Bulletin #2

We know that our troops need to be one step ahead of the markets so our apes gathered the latest news about Play & Earn, NFTs and Blockchain Games from last week.


This week  : Go GoG Go ! An introduction to GameFi, Sorare is hiring and a no code tool to simulate games systems.

  • What a week for Guild of Gardians !

- The GoG token is now live on Okex, Ftx and CoinList ;

- The NRG x GoG sale sold 5300 Reborne Heroes in 33 hours ;

- Guardians United, the official GoG podcast brought to you by ql, a BlackPool and GoG community contributor, has arrived. Listen to the first episode with S.A.M. from BlackPool and don't forget to follow them on Twitter to never miss alphas ! Next episode will be with a member of GoG Development team ;

- After the snapshot taken the 6th december 2021, around 9800 unique wallet addresses holding GoG assets received GoG NFT avatar on their IMX addresses. This PFP collection is tradable and has it’s own rarity ranking ! What does GoG Santa gifted you ?

Check out ours!

  • We know what the metaverse is supposed to look like but do you know what is supposed to sound like ? Cometh is teasing us with a new soundtrack while we wait for Cometh Battle

Anon you are not registered on the waitlist yet ? Anon pls …

  • The 1kx team co wrote an interesting article on how player retention in gaming is important and often mistreated by the publishers in favor of profit and money. The biggest P2E ecosystems will be community first.

“These economies are not only just places where community members play, but also worlds in which they have financial upside, ownership over revenue generating businesses & valuable digital assets, and defined jobs & responsibilities.”

  • For the troops who missed it, the Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA) published it’s 2021 Member Survey and Report, including interviews, data and insights on blockchain games by those who are building them.

A live recap of the report is also available online :

  • The AR NFT pet game DOGAMI raised $6M from Ubisoft, Animoca Brands and The Sandbox Cofounders.

“At Ubisoft, we believe that blockchain holds a key to the future of the videogame industry, bringing new possibilities for players and developers alike. We think DOGAMI shares this vision and contributes to the opening of blockchain gaming to mainstream players.”  - Nicolas Pouard - Ubisoft Vice President of strategic innovation lab

  • A new research by Harris Poll is suggesting that 38% of Gen Zs (1997 - 2012), think “the metaverse is the next big thing and will become part of our lives in the next decade”, 48% among millennials (1996 -1981) think the same but 7 in 10 Gen Zs and millennials are interested in interacting with the metaverse.

Gen Z is going to be the population that will drive the significant early adoption of the metaverse. This will initially take the format of crypto backed gaming and play to earn, but will expand into almost all other forms of human activity” - Jefferies analysts, led by Simon Powell.

  • You are hearing whispers about GameFi and don't know what people are talking about ? Hans HODL wrote two articles that might interest you, one on GameFi and the other on DeFi Kingdoms, a new GameFi game.

“GameFi is the intersection of the Metaverse, DeFi and NFTs. It’s an emerging ecosystem where the players own the ecosystem itself. It’s about NFTs that actually do something as opposed to those JPEGs of monkeys that sell for millions and have no actual purpose other than flexing on other crypto degens. It’s about decentralized finance as a part of a world where you also enjoy spending time. It’s about the metaverse outside of the Facebook walled garden where geographic borders fade away and even the economically disadvantaged can benefit through scholarship programs.” - Hans HODL

  • Interested in developing a play & earn game? Soliton is doing it and shared in a thread some of the resources he stumbled across while investigating the space. is a no-code tool to help you design in-game dynamics and economy and then run a simulation.

  • $Lucha Libre fans, Christmas is here. Yields are live on if you own a Luchadore. Daily $LUCHA yield is based on attribute count determined by Chainlink VRF during mint. The staking option will be live in Q1 2022.

  • The firm PwC Hong Kong enters the metaverse space as it announced the purchases of land plots in The Sandbox and becomes the first member of an internationally recognised professional services network to publicly join The Sandbox.

The Metaverse offers new possibilities for organisations to create value through innovative business models, as well as introducing new ways to engage with their customers and communities. We will leverage our expertise to advise clients who wish to embrace the Metaverse on the full range of challenges presented by this emerging global digital phenomenon.” - William Gee, Partner at PwC Hong Kong

"The metaverse is open for business. We welcome PwC Hong Kong to experience how The Sandbox fosters new immersive experiences and ways for brands to connect with customers. It's an exciting time - and PwC is at the forefront of this emerging frontier." - Sebastien Borget, COO of The Sandbox

  • Sorare is hiring over 200 new talents in 2022. Are you a team player? Do you want to fulfill your Fantasy and own your game ? Watch this page.

  • Zynga, the mobile gaming firm behind Farmville is making an alliance with the software developer Forte to promote and pursue opportunities in the blockchain games market, including leveraging Zynga’s intellectual property, brand and community to develop blockchain games.

“We are proud to partner with Zynga as we look to advance the blockchain gaming ecosystem in a responsible way that will engage and benefit gamers, and provide them more economic opportunities - Forte co-founder and CEO Josh Williams

  • Even Degens Apes need time off, BlackPool recommendations for this end of year are :

- A book. Reality Is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World by Jane McGonigal ;

- A podcast on the rivalry between Nintendo and Sony by Business War.

That’s all Folks ! Have a great week and see you next year !