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What is The BlackPool Academy? What is a Scholar? How can I get involved? Read on to find out!


BlackPool Academy employed it’s 500th scholar today! What an exciting milestone! But what is The BlackPool Academy? What is a Scholar? How can I get involved? Read on to find out!

BlackPool Academy is the gaming division of BlackPool HQ, where it’s Non-Fungible Tokens are utilised in gaming verticals to generate yield. The Academy was established to help more players monetise their time in-game, by investing in specific NFTs that can be leased to gamers via “scholarships”.

BlackPool Scholars Meet Up in the Philippines

The Academy manages a trove of game-related NFTs, digital assets and virtual land parcels, which can be used by Scholars to create earnings in play-to-earn games, for themselves and for BlackPool. Scholars report to managers, who are responsible for their vetting, training, account assignment and earnings distribution. In this way, BlackPool Academy lowers the cost-of-entry barrier to accessing these yield-generating NFTs and helps onboard more people to the play-to-earn revolution.

BlackPool currently has two active scholarship models within The Academy; both for Axie Infinity:

The first is a pairing of a trained and vetted BlackPool Academy Scholar with BlackPool Owned Axie NFTs - Standard AuM (Axies Under Management). This creates the scholarship account, generating yield in the form of SLP. At the time of writing, we have just welcomed our 500th Scholar, and 2,200 individual AuM.

The second model is BlackPool Academy Scholar Management Services (BPA SMS) - where external owners of Axie NFTs utilise The Academy’s extensive human capital and management resources to set up their own Sub-Scholarship, under BlackPool management. The SLP yield is divided 15% for BlackPool DAO for management services, 15% to the Axie owner, 10% to the manger of the accounts (who is often a graduated scholar) and 60% to the scholar. This allows holders of substantial axie assets to access the yield-generating portion of their collections, without having to set-up and manage a team of scholars themselves. BlackPool Academy takes care of vetting & training, account assignment; issues  & support; earnings and payment to scholars; whilst the holder retains access and ownership of their Axies.

BlackPool Academy Scholar Management Services Yield Breakdown

If you are the owner of an axie collection and are interested in unlocking the yield from your NFTs by having BlackPool manage your assets under our BPA SMS, get in touch with us at BlackPool HQ:

For live metrics and data on our number of scholars (as well as other verticals AUM) head on over to