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BlackPool Academy Community Newsletter #3


It has been an exceptionally busy month for the BlackPool Academy Community. Scholars are not just grinding SLP for themselves, but rather to enrich the lives of those around them, many of whom do not yet have access to Axie teams themselves. Players distributing their earnings from blockchain gaming is an emerging field of charity/community support. The connections and friendships made at these events not only create a sense of belonging, but enact real change to local communities.

In this edition, we explore some of the local charity events scholars have organised, and hear their stories of how play-to-earn gaming is not only improving their lives, but touching the hearts of the less fortunate and improving local support services.

Forest Preservation

Enthralled with flickering hearts for a cause, the BlackPool Academy (BPA) Axie Scholars of San Carlos City, in collaboration with the City Environmental Management Office (CEMO), Team Ewit and Team Witwew (local amateur running clubs), conducted a tree planting activity at Sitio Medina, Brgy, Rizal at 6am Saturday, September 25, 2021.

An Early Start For BlackPool Scholars Planting Trees

The group planted 150 seedlings in support of preservation of the forests as our Earth’s leafy lungs. This is just one of the various civic activities of the group using SLP funded activities to get through this horrible ordeal of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Revegetating the Forest


BlackPool Academy Scholars that participated: LadyBojoyKoh, Jctolentino, Ronilo, Ginapie , Mitch517, Queen Ablen, J.J., Lhoneybud, Dandet, Ronsky, Rexshats, Urock, Dehr, Mayana, Japixmon, CRIS.

BlackPool Academy Building New Communities In Latin America

Venezuelan Blackpool Scholars Meet Up in Sucre showing off their Axies

Whilst it is no secret that Axie Infinity and the scholarship model of Play-to-Earn gaming is extremely popular in The Philippines, a growing number of applications are coming from other countries, in particular Venezuela, where a new community is forming. We hope to see some exciting news from our Latin American scholars in the future!

BlackPool Academy Scholars Team Up with Yield Guild Games Scholars to Feed Those In Need.

The Cantero soup kitchen project stepped up its game this month, with a partnership with Yield Guild Games scholars and hosting at a large indoor venue. Rolando's account of the event is as follows:

BlackPool Academy Scholars (Top) & Yield Guild Games Scholars (Bottom)
The event was held at Barangay 4, San Carlos City, Negros occidental. Our 3rd Gaming Community Feeding Program with BlackPool Academy Scholars, this time teaming up with YGG scholars. The team gave relief goods to those in need, consisting of household staples such as rice, canned goods, noodles and coffee. In addition 50 children were given school supplies and multivitamins, along with feeding them with sandwiches and fruit juices. The parents  and children were so happy to receive our charity; the children were excited with the school supplies. I can still see their smiles. All of the preparation and tiredness was worth it because of their smiles and all of their thanks. ~Rolando Cantero Jr.
Crowds Gathered Early Due To Publishing and Free Ticketing to the Event
Children Queueing for Vitamins, Food & School Supplies
I would like to say thank you to our friends in YGG for their help. Thank you to BlackPool Academy for giving us jobs in this pandemic and big thank you to Ser Tonberry for his help organizing it. It was successful because of all of you. ~Rolando Cantero Jr.

Scholars involved: Mr Soup Man, Aviel14, Jun, Luz, Tracy.G, Clouie, Julieta and Joyce (all from BPA).  Jane, Janjan, Joemar, Abegail, Ivan Bawin, Gherlie, and Drunk3nmaster (all from YYG). Two aspiring BPA applicants, John Emmanuel Dela Cruz and Ruby Mae Policar, also attend the event, getting involved in community work and helping distribute donations. (Since the event, both have been given a priority BPA scholarship).

The BPA scholars and YGG scholars will still continue this feeding program every month, and for the next one there is another academy who has offered to join forces with us!

Scholar's Charity Play an Important Role in Supporting the Victims of a Fire Disaster

The Blaze on a Tuesday Morning destroyed 60 houses.

86 families involving 320 individuals had to relocate due to a fire that ripped through a portion of Parola, Barangay 6, San Carlos City, Negros Occidental in the Philipines at 11:04 a.m. on Tuesday, August 31. No casualties were reported according to the head of the San Carlos City Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office. Initial reports showed that 60 houses were destroyed by the fire which was put out after 2 hours at 12:53 p.m.

BlackPool Scholars Mobilize with Clothing and Food Donations.

Blackpool Academy Scholars have always prioritised those in need, especially in times of calamity, and they quickly acted to send help to the victims of this disaster.

Stalls Set up at Temporary Housing / Evacuation Site
We had distributed food packs, new and used clothing donations to 310 individuals that are in temporary evacuation shelters, comprised of 7 Pantawid Pamilya beneficiaries, 5 infants, 13 toddlers, 12 Preschoolers, 45 Children, 47 Teenagers, 157 Adults and 31 Senior Citizens as promised to make it done with a purpose. We are very much thankful to our Lord God, our fellow Blackpool Academy Scholars and our Managers for the success of this endeavor because none of it would be possible without them. This time of Pandemic, caring for our neighbors and sharing what we had are the best gifts we could offer. Kudos to all the Blackpool Academy Scholars and Managers who were involved ~Faith Butche.
The whole family helping distribute supplies

Scholars involved: Faith, Nylana25, Marineth08, Yedda, Flor Poblador, Maryann29, Liz_71, Emmzy_beauty, Meloikho and Shell#2246. Thank you all so much; we are truly inspired by your compassion and generosity!

Clothes, Food & Supplies were given out at 2 Evacuation Shelters

It’s hard to come up with adequate words to describe how impactful these community events are to people; especially given the circumstances that caused families to suffer forced relocation to evacuation shelters.

If you wish to donate to the victims of the Parola, San Carlos fire:

Donating Supplies to Pedicab Drivers

Scholars Attending Pedicab Drivers Charity Event

35 BPA Scholars came together to aid the city’s Pedicab Drivers (Taxi/Bicycle Rickshaw) who often earn less than 150.00PHP (<$2.96 USD) per day, especially since the pandemic started. Scholars bought groceries and food supplies with a portion of their earned SLP, and assembled packs to distribute to the drivers.

Scholars Form an Assembly Line to Distribute Care Packages to Pedicab Drivers
A large group of scholars joined hand in hand to share our blessings as the lucky axie players, by giving these hard working drivers food packs and groceries. We are very much thankful to our managers at BlackPool because without them our plan could not be realized. ~ Faith Butche
Pedicab Drivers Queue in the Street; Drawing Quite a Crowd
100s of Packs Were Given Out to Drivers-in-need

The extent and scope of BlackPool Scholars' charity work is amazing to behold. Not only are scholars meeting new friends through scholarship teams, but volunteering creates a legacy of giving that will be remembered by many. The impact on those in need is truly inspiring. We at Blackpool are amazed at how these shared experiences have impacted others and motivates them to also make the world a better place. Indeed, many of the people helped wish to "pay-it-forward", and they themselves have joined the ranks of applicants waiting for scholarships.

Thank you so much, dear scholars, for the immeasurably valuable work you have done for our community. We cannot thank you enough, and want to let you know that your dedication to community events and helping others inspires us at BlackPool HQ to continue to grow the Academy and to go to work each day. We cannot do it without you. We would not want to do it without you. You bring ideas, positive energy and a beautiful intensity. What started out as a guild for gaming has grown into so much more in the last four months. We can not wait to see what the next four months have in store for us all.

If you have any interesting stories that you would like to submit for inclusion in the next community newsletter, an article you’ve written, or you would like to know more about becoming a BlackPool Academy Scholar, head on over to our Discord.  See you next month!