Black Holes and Red Metrics

As we tentatively ascend from this weekend's black hole of red metrics, the BlackPool crew gathers in the the recreation quarters for a joyous celebration.

Kaibyō Hazelstar
Kaibyō / Hazelstar

It was a close call. Many neighbouring fleets readied their escape pods and jettisoned precious cargo; but the crew of the great ship BlackPool held strong, weathering the storm, and emerging triumphant.

As we tentatively ascend from this weekend's black hole of red metrics, the BlackPool crew gathers in the the recreation quarters for a joyous celebration.

And by Kong there is a lot to celebrate.

First and foremost I am happy to report that the scout ship sent out to make contact with the Axie team returned successfully yesterday, bringing with it great news from their system.

It's no wonder communications were down last week, as it turns out both scholars and Axies have been multiplying at an astonishing rate. An average of 5 new scholar accounts continue to go live every day and this last seven days alone saw the team breed over 100 new Axies, despite the breeding requirements having doubled!

In a period of uncertainty, we are proud to announce that all scholars received their share of SLP in a timely manner through Ronin to Ronin transactions. This is in anticipation of the upcoming upgraded Binance contract which is due to take effect on the 25th of May. Not a straightforward transition by any means but definitely a necessary one to keep working at the high standard we aim for.

And speaking of high standards, special acknowledgement goes out to this weeks biggest farmer, Macee, who achieved the incredible goal of 452 SLP in just 24 hours with just a modest trio of Axies. Excellent work.

We leave you now with this grainy polaroid that was slipped in amongst the weekly data reports. While there has been no confirmation given as of yet, many crew members feel that this may be evidence of an attempt to restart the Meta Axie Programme which was shut down in the early 80's.

Could those gifted maniacs be attempting to use freak mutations in order to achieve some exciting new breeds? We will keep you informed as this story develops.

More good news over in the Cometh system this week as our BlackPool Academy pilots showed great tenacity and overcame last weeks mayhem with style and panache.

The nefarious space bugs were hunted down and destroyed by the Galactic Administrators, clearing the way for our talented miners who wasted no time in getting back to work. The fleet returned to base with more than twice the earnings of last week, along with greatly improved placements and a 'jumps to comets mined' ratio of 7.4 vs 9.7.

Our stand - out scholars this week are:
- The magnificent Secret, who, as well as holding a top five position on the Axie leaderboard, managed to mine 100 comets for the Cometh fleet.
- The majestic Rodel and Oooppssii who both achieved the lowest ratio of the fleet, a stunning 6.4!
- And a special mention to Joel, who successfully improved his ratio from 9.7 to 6.8 this week. Keep up the good work!

Rounding up this week we take a look at the Sorare pitch where a quieter, but still very satisfying, week draws to a close.

Despite Game Week 166 yielding a seemingly routine number of prizes, the managers felt that there were several missed opportunities. Fortunately, the quality of the prizes won helped soften this disappointment. That's our managers for you though, always striving for the best.

In a quieter Game Week 167, our managers managed to achieve 1st place positions across the three main open tournaments (All-Star D1, Under 23 D1 and Unique Division) yielding the Game Week's highest ETH and most valuable card prizes!

A conservative 25 ETH of prizes and ETH was won over these two Game Weeks and, in addition to the prize unique that was won, a further 6 Uniques were added to the DAO in order to strengthen options in the Asian and American Regions with the European season almost over.

Despite our managers claiming to have had a fairly quiet week, it certainly seems as though they have managed to accomplish an awful lot; and it is reassuring to know that, even with this level of achievement under their belts, they are still hungry for more.

Go on lads.

We close this week by wishing all the best to all of our community and contributors. It can be rough out there in the cold nothingness of space, but that's why it's so important to have a loyal crew alongside you. Stay strong, stay on course, and Kong be with you.