Academy, Bierhoff and Capensis.

Another exhilarating week in the metaverse has passed and we draw ever closer to the launch of the good ship $BPT.

Kaibyō Hazelstar
Kaibyō / Hazelstar

Another exhilarating week in the metaverse has passed and we draw ever closer to the launch of the good ship $BPT.

Top headlines this week are:
- the rapid expansion and scaling up going on over in Axie infinity,
- the addition of Oliver Bierhoff to our Sorare collection
- and the excellent positions of our pilots on the Cometh weekly leaderboard.
For a closer look at the weeks events, please continue below and make sure to follow our contributors for the most up to date information regarding BlackPool and our various endeavours.

BlackPoolHQ - BlackPool
YNWA - Sorare
SarutobiSasuke - Axie Infinity
Hazelstar - Cometh

We begin this week by taking an in depth look at how the BlackPool Academy is performing over in the world of Axie Infinity, where the big news is still the introduction of the much anticipated Ronin sidechain.

The Blackpool Academy community is already 2000+ strong and growing rapidly.

All 130 Axie accounts have now been successfully migrated into Ronin along with the supplies necessary to scale the Blackpool Academy. Ronin deployment has allowed us to scale quickly from 100 Axie Scholars to 130 and this rate of scaling looks set to continue moving forwards.

A key change to note regarding Ronin is that it now requires players to use AXS to breed Axies as well as SLP. How this will affect the price of AXS remains to be seen, but with staking not too far off we predict positive moves for the Axie Infinity governance token in the not too distant future.

Key metrics for our most recent week in Axie

SLP has pumped impressively and the floor price of Axies has remained solid over the past week. We have expanded our gene pool and are looking forward to mastering the new mutation dynamic that has now been introduced.

Daily yield for the scholarship currently sits at approximately 19500 SLP per day, of which 30% (5850 SLP or $1521 at the time of writing) goes back to Blackpool Academy.

We will continue to expand and explore these new features and will update as we find out more.

Next we catch up with our managers over at Sorare, who have been dominating the Asia and Americas regions over the past week with wins in D1's and D2's.

Last weeks best performances in Sorare.

In the short GW 163 the Top All-Star Tier 0 prize + 1 ETH was secured in addition to a 2nd place finish in D4 against 3742 other opponents. An excellent performance and one in line with the conservative 15 ETH of prizes and ETH won over these past two game weeks.

Some strong rewards this week and some great news as Manager 3 secured the Unique card of Sorare investor and Milan legend, Oliver Bierhoff. An absolute steal at 2.6 ETH and a welcome addition to the collection.

In other news, the Sorare team conducted a very positive AMA with CEO (Nicolas) and Lead Game Designer (Carl) where they announced the introduction of the first Brazilian club to the platform: Atletico Mineiro. We look forward to seeing which teams are added next and can't wait to secure some of their top players.

We close this week by having a look at what our intrepid pilots have been up to over in the Cometh system.

Having expanded our ranks with the onboarding of two new Scholars this week (welcome!) we are pleased to announce our total number of pilots is now up to a strong team of 6. Our two newest recruits have been busy training with 2 ships each in SOL 1 and have been doing an excellent job so far.

LP tokens of the week: wETH/MUSTWeekly ComethSwap yield: 0.3722 MUST

After last weeks rollercoaster for the price of MUST, our training has been mostly focused on managing the minimum jumps and travels per comet. Special acknowledgement and congratulations to Scholar Rodel for managing to achieve a 6.7 ratio! We will continue monitoring the ratio of our players next week, aiming to lower the average from 7.97 to 7.0.

Overall an excellent performance from all our pilots this week, we're very proud of them. Especially as they are currently ranking:
#2 - Capensis 1/1
#3 - Sunriser 3/3
#4 - Friendmaker 3/5
on the Cometh weekly  leaderboard which is an incredible achievement.

As always, congratulations to our managers and scholars, it's been another great week for BlackPool and it's all down to your hard work and commitment.

If you would like to get in touch or get involved, please get in contact via our twitter or telegram groups and if there is something you want to see in next week's newsletter, please don't hesitate to suggest or contribute.

BlackPool is run by the community, for the community, so every piece of input is valued and appreciated.

Good game folks.