A first successful community proposal - Curio Cards

Let's look back on the first community proposal to have passed through the BlackPool Lab.


As a DAO, BlackPool’s objective is to be run by its community. This can become difficult when it comes to deciding on new investments and on the potential formation of new troops. To allow for meaningful, educated votes on proposals, we needed to encourage and eventually assist with the production of in-depth analyses to lay out the groundwork for future investments. This is the purpose of the Lab.

The first community member to put on a lab coat and submit a very well researched investment proposal for Curio Cards was Privateidentity. Hats off to you ser and many thanks for your excellent work! After a few exchanges with the core team, it was decided to submit the proposal to the scrutiny of the DAO on September 13th. We would like to take the opportunity to extend our thanks to active members who contributed significantly to the discussion.

The proposal was submitted to a vote on September 22nd and closed 4 days later with an overwhelming majority of yes, up to 15 ETH worth of cards. Following this, 15 ETH were allocated to the taskforce on Curio Cards, led by Privateidentity. For weeks, we followed the market closely, deciding on which cards were the most sensible investments. Many data analyses later, we are proud to say that we accumulated what is considered as the first subset of the Curio series. We now own, Curio Cards #1 to #10… with quite a few ETH to spare.

We’ll keep lurking and eventually spend these ETH on one or a few more interesting cards. Overall, we consider this a very successful example of community involvement into the decision process of a one-of-a-kind NFT hedge fund!

The investment proposal submitted by Privateidentity has been converted into a very informative article and is now part of the Lab’s public library, you can find it here.