5 Questions For EverRose


Who are you? What is Everrose?

I was telling you I'm coming from Lebanon and my mother is Syrian - and I'm telling you this because it makes a lot of sense for Everrose and the 101 experiences, our first project - our first platform. What was important for us -  it was to democratize culture and make that NFTs are not only for the rich people - or the richest - so you know many of NFTs are sold on auctions and what we wanted is to have mainstream NFTs that are accessible to everyone.

So the project started by gathering museums and monuments to create NFTs that are collectibles - and this is very important - that we're doing collectibles that are gathering the 101 biggest monuments around the world.

So if you're at the Eiffel Tower or at the Machu Picchu you will be able to discover another Monument than the one you're on and to learn about it and to have an experience through it so there is different ways that we are building the experiences.

Emotional experience when you discover your NFT you learn about the monument, his history, his Genesis, his big moments. Or we're doing collaboration with artists, so like French artists will collaborate on the French Monument but also on the Indian monument and we're going to do crossovers like this.

How does it work?

So if you buy the NFT of the Eiffel Tower before you're going to the Eiffel Tower you would have a different experience than if you're just online in the Eiffel Tower and just gonna visit the Eiffel Tower like a random person.

If you buy our NFT you will have a podcast, you will have people waiting for you, maybe to cut the line or to show you something that you cannot see if you're just a regular tourist so this is

before if you buy the NFT on our platform - before - or even if you're on the queue and you're getting in the Eiffel Tower and you just flash the QR code and and you can have access to different things.

And then, in all these monuments, people when they're leaving - they're leaving the monuments - that's it. They maybe go with a mug a t-shirt or a little souvenir but they're gone.

With the NFT and with the blockchain the thing is that we're gonna take their hands and tell them, “Come to our community and be part of it and start collecting.” So when you buy by an NFT a master of the Eiffel Tower after visiting the Eiffel Tower you have another NFT of a collector of the Eiffel Tower and you will also discover a random NFT of any other monument that is on the platform. So you can be on the Eiffel Tower and discover Palmier or the Buddha in Bamiyan or the pyramids or the Empire State Building or the Taj Mahal .

The thing is that the world is connected - the world is one, and what we say is that when you are traveling, when you're visiting, when you're open up to the world you are not only connected to the place where you're that you're visiting but connected to all the places around the world.

And this is what we're creating with 101 experience - a platform that is connecting big monuments big museums together and the people who are interested in culture to have access to it very easily and for a very low price.

That is great with the technology and the NFT is that you have this connection with the people, you talk to them, we create a community and then interact with each other. Like tomorrow - I came to Lisbon, I flew from the Vatican because we were in Rome a few days ago and we come here okay. Let's say I'm gonna visit one place or another but I don't know anyone, then I say, you know, “I'm coming, take me out, tell me where I should go, this and that…” and because I have a link with the people already because we're collecting together. We're part of the same collection, we're part of the same community. So you can have tips - where to go out, where to eat, you know - it's people who are open to the world, who are unified in the world and who are willing to meet others through culture and through monuments

And this is what is important to us, is that if you're interested, if you're open-minded, if you want to go through culture we're going to help you to do that.

Which monuments are you most excited about?

I live in Paris and I'm French and I'm very happy and proud to be French. I became French when I was 25 years old which was a few weeks ago… I'm kidding.

So I became French and I'm very happy to live in France and for me it was important to start in the country that gave me my citizenship because being Lebanese and being in a

country at war it was kind of difficult and France give me a lot and for me to start by France was very important.

So first of all we had to convince the people in our cultural institution that it was okay. The blockchain was not only for drug trafficking. And you know we all have all these cliches about what - what can the blockchain be or in the web3 way - and most of all I was telling them, you know, NFT is like the internet. You have good projects, you have bad projects. The NFT cannot be good or bad, the NFT is just a tool and this tool - it's who is behind the tool that is important. What you put inside it. The people and what you want to become, what you want to say, how you're gonna interact with the people and what you're going to create inside of the NFT.

So what we - what we decided to do is to convince our government that it was important to open up to the web3 and that the NFTs could be a good asset. And that's what we did. So we were very lucky to have a government that was willing to listen to what we were saying and we came at the right timing, with -  I think - the right project. Because NFT are usually on auctions on a very high price - I don't know if you remember but when Beeple did his auction at 69 million, people thought okay NFTs is for millionaires and it's excluding everyone. And all the other platforms that were selling NFT were on auctions so even if you wanted to buy a piece of a museum as an NFT and to win, it was an auction so if I'm not the richest I'm out of it. That excludes 99 of the people. What we wanted to do is to create something that will include everyone. If a mother goes with her kids to the Eiffel Tower - she has an experience, if a girl wants to go on a date - she has an experience, a family is coming - they have an experience. If

people from the blockchain - the web3 - the geeks - are never going to come on the Eiffel Tower but they want to collect a piece of art because we're going to do artistic collaboration on each Monument. If they want to collect, if they want to live a real life experience - this is possible.

We're based on real life experience. I think that what is important is to bring back people to

culture and to give them this incentive - and to give them this incentive you have to create something that is going to attract them.

So every monument is giving us extraordinary experiences. Like you can go in the office of Gustav Eiffel and have a drink there which is totally inaccessible to the public. You can go to

the… I don't know how he's saying this in English… where all the machinery of the Eiffel Tower… where all the elevators have been created. You can be there. You can create a one-night hotel in the Eiffel Tower, everybody can come and sleep over.

I mean there's a hundreds of things that they are telling us that we can co-create with them and participate and I think that when you live an experience on a place that it's magic, that you've heard all your life about, I think it creates something really strong and an attachment.

Why did you create Everrose?

I - cannot - I haven't been in all these monuments. Some of them I never heard about!

Erwan was telling me about a monument of Mandela in South of Africa that I never heard about and it's a beautiful Monument that we would really love to have on the platform and all the stories we can tell around these monuments are very important too. So every country has his story and his story is really connected to his monuments and we're going to be able - we are discovering - so I hope I can go one day and see this Monument, but if I can’t, at least on the platform I will have access to the story, to the history, to the NFT and maybe one day I will win an experience to go if I'm a good collector.

I'm looking to Erwan because I have to be a good collector to be allowed to go and and live the experience.

What is next for Everrose?

We are on the road, we're very happy to be in Lisbon at the - you know - at this Summit. Because we are - we were - at the Vatican last week and we're today in Lisbon and tomorrow in New York.

Yeah the Vatican is very, very modern. They did NFTs before anyone, but they didn't know

what to do about them. So we're telling them, “Guys, we have the solution! We are including you in our platform, we can include you on our platform!” and this is something that is very in their DNA also you know. And they say “Okay we want to do NFT but we didn't know how” So they

did everything in NFTs in the Vatican but they didn't know which project they want to work with.
So there were several projects that approached them but that are not in their DNA of the Vatican - and all of a sudden we arrive with our project and it makes more sense.

So we are in talks with them, we're in talks with the Statue of Liberty, with the Empire State, we just had an email from Israel today saying that we are most welcome to go and work with Israelis also and as a Jewish woman and an Arab woman - for me I think that art and culture can bring peace together and if we have Israeli artists collaborating on Arabic monuments we can merge. And vice-versa if Arabic artists are working on Israeli monuments we can also - you know - create a bridge and a link between people and say that art and culture can connect even if politics are not connecting you yet.